2014-07 France: Sete Worldwide Festival with Robin et al

Some shots from the Wonderful Worldwide Festival held this summer 2014 in Sete, France. The worldwide festival is the brainchild of DJ Legend Gilles Peterson and is held every year in the south of France with various artists – mainly electronica and other mixed media outfits. One of the highlights this year were Sweden’s Little Dragon who we caught in their Sunday into Monday night performance.

I journeyed down with Ana from London via train to meet with Robin Badderley – a friend from my BSc year in 2010 – to spend 4 days on the sun soaked and wine drenched beaches of Sete. We spent our days – kicking back to some incredible sets dished up my amis of Giles Peterson. Most of the photos were taken on the beach as I was not keen to take my expensive camera for the late night, and main meat, sets starting from 2300 down by the lighthouse.

Unfortunately the latter half of the festival was marred by the death of one of the beach goers – a young chap from South London – who was pulled unconscious from the water. His death is a tragic reflection on the sometimes consequences of hedony. We speculated what the cause might have been – but a combination of alcohol, Nitrous Oxide and various drugs rather freely or just plain bad luck could have had met to lead this man to drown. It was such a shame with a beach filled with the entire spectrum of medicine doctors of every sort both English and French many of whom including myself and other members of our group, trying unsuccessfully to intervene with the resuscitation attempt which was ultimately futile. The sad truth was he was probably in the water for a good 20 minutes before anyone noticed him and despite immediate resuscitation when found he was likely already gone. My thoughts go out to his family if they ever were to stumble upon my reflections here.

So after several exhausting but brilliant days with a power play of a gang – we trained it back to London after the weekend’s close. All was well until our exit from Paris where we stuck in a backlog jam caused by power line failure early in the day in the channel tunnel which knocked back our train’s departure by 3 hours.  Exhausted, we crawled into bed in London in the small hours of Tuesday morning.


Tunbridge Wells 19-10-2014

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