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2006-06 Japan: Aso the Caldera


Several days that live long in my memory as some of the happiest that I spent in Japan in 2006. In Nagasaki I met with Noe and Hugo and we three travelled and hiked the Aso Caldera. Trips to the local supermarket for Waribiki hour (discount hour – 11pm in Most Japanese supermarkets) and a bizarre drunk man on top of the caldera. As I look back I see the day as scenes from a Miyazaki film, a rolling Landscape with a gentle wind and a warm summer’s glow as we undertake our hike. Hugo and Noe went south into Kyushu and I returned North to Nagasaki to fly back to Tokyo (almost not making it as I mistakenly tried to pack my main bag onto the flight complete with a full set of chef knives and was hauled up by Japanese Airport staff for interrogation).


London 02/09/2015