2006-06 Japan: Tsuwano and Fukuoka – Capsule hotels and Carp

Tsuwano is a strange little town famous for it its carp-filled canals which line the main street. As memory serves these were bred as a foodstuff in the streams as part of a wintering strategy in a siege in Tokugawa times.  They remain now as a relic of this age and of course …serve as tourist attraction.

I spent just one night in the quaint little town and snapped the following images before journeying down to Fukuoka – the gateway town to the southern part of “main” Japan, known as Kyushu. Fukuoka was a less active venture for me – In the short time I was there I stayed in a Capsule hotel – a very unique (hyperbole intended) experience and chatted with a half chinese american about Canon vs Nikon in a laundromat! There are no photos from the town as I barely saw it save from the short walk from the station.

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