2006-06 Australia: Perth and Freeo

My week in Perth and Freemantle back saw me being taken in by old family friends of my dad’s. Whilst waiting to meet them on the first day I dropped my camera and thus spent the week without any capturing capacity as it went into repair immediately (and was luckily repaired before my departure). A week with a borrowed camera took me through the sights and sounds of Freemantle, a day on Rottnest island with the mysterious Quokkas and wandering around in the national parks and musing on a sense of home-from-home. The evenings passed with pleasant glasses of wine and the mornings with attempts at body boarding in the WA surf.

Perth is a beautiful place but unfathomably remote from the rest of the world. I marvelled at the sun dipping into the ocean and lighting up the sky every night but just as I did my eyes tracked out the vast emptiness of open ocean extending all the way to South Africa. My next destination, Cairns was over over 3400 km away to the north – a long flight or an even longer drive (5500 km). Who knows if I’ll be able to return someday?


London 2/09/2015

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