2008-06 UK: Honk at the Garage Theatre

The garage theatre is a black box theatre appended to one of the corners of the Bartlett school of architecture building. Over the years I was involved in a number of shows in this fantastic space. As would later become tradition this was the first time in the history of the society (in recent memory at least) that the society would hold a summer show.

I’ve recently come to learn that the theatre is in jeopardy of… UCLU is planning to close it and turn it into a cafe… For my piece I would be extremely sorry to see it go. It has hosted some of the greatest shows I was ever involved in – from my debut with Musical theatre in “A Chorus Line” as ‘Paul’ to my finale with the company in “Rocky Horror Picture Show” as Frank… There were a great many performances of genuine merit. As a performance space I feel it should be preserved to put on the small (or not so small) shows that such a size lends itself to.

If you’d like to support the petition to salvage it please follow this link:

Save the Garage Theatre

Directed by the legendary Will Jennings – the show was fantastically fun – performed “in the round” with audience on all four sides – there were epic performances from a number of musical theatre superstars including Mimi Kroll,  Andrew Caddy, Vicky Baker, Colleen Prior, Dom O’Hanlon, Clovis Rau and staring none other than the big “D-Z-G”: Dan Gronzandonvic.


I hearken back to the people I performed with during these days  and think fondly for the genuine talent that we had amongst our midst. For our level and resources I was always happy to see how professional the productions we put on were. Here are a few of my favourite shots from the show.

Also here’s a link to a now abandoned website of the UCLU musical theatre company on which the photos were originally posted. A bit of nostalgia for all of you out there!

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Seb Roberts 22/02/2014, London

Here’s some of the head shots I did for the show.

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