A Gang of local kids on Sarswarti Day

2012-02 Two Short Films: Sarswarti Day and Pulling down the Tree

I’ve got reams and reams of footage so far from Kathamandu and Janakpur which I haven’t been able to do anything with. I finally set down a couple of 1 minute sketches of some of the ideas which I have been discussing in previously posts. These two short films are from my second week here. I will be sending up several more when I get the chance to work through some of the footage. I remember a talk by the old dean of Westminster Abbey when i was a youngling in the choir there… He used to say that for 1 minute’s worth of a sermon it takes a least 1 hour to write it. I’m not writing a sermon of course but these 1 minute shorts are about the same amount of investment. 1 hour in the creation 1 minute in the watching.

Once I’ve got a bit more of a handle on the inner workings of wordpress I’ll be able to present embeded Youtube videos – for the minute however please click the links to get to see the Videos.

Video 1: Sarswarti Puja Day – being mobbed by kids in the School

Sarwati Day: Janakpur

Video 2: Pulling down the trees on Barhabiga

Pulling down the tree

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