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2012-02 Janakpur – Week 2 Photos

Here’s my Week two Batch of Photos: Hope you enjoy them!

Morning Mists in Janakpur

The Guard Dog
Each morning in the first couple of weeks we would journey accross the road to Bimla’s house to eat our morning meal. This dog was always there to greet us with savage barking. I snapped this one . Overtime he got used to us and began to only apathetically chirp when we would arrive in the morning. These days Bimla prepares our food in the office as we’ve got so much work to do.

This is the one shot i was able to grab of the student protestors marching loudly through the streets. Whilst eating the morning meal we heard a loud noise from the road – looking out – this is what greeted us. These days the protests have passed – being replaced instead with the constant noise from the Festival on Barhabiga.
Boy on a Buffallo
Children keep watch over the extreemly valuable cattle by litterally riding them – adults till the land using oxen ploughs.
Working Hard in Janakpur
A man working really hard – not an infrequent sight!
Getting mobbed by kids is par for the course for Janakpur
Slowly but surely during the second week the Puja focal point was built on Barhabiga
Pulling down the trees on Barhabiga
Rural Woman: Dhanusha
A rolling shot taked with a “from the hip” style whist Rupesh and I zipped along on the bike
A suspicious Shrine attendant on Sarswarti Day
Cresent Moon and a Bat Blur
With Bats Flying overhead at dusk I spotted the slivered cresent moon between the trees on the way back from work… The blur on the upper right is a bat which trailed accross my exposure
Local Shop keeper who supplies my daily Thai Red bull and buscuits (I’m steadily making my way through all the different sorts). He only occasionally trys to rip me off 🙂 – most shop keepers here in Janakpur are very honest considering the little difference it makes for a foreign wallet purchasing things….
Brick production on the outskirts of Janakpur
Brick Production on the outskirts of the city: According to Bishnu these guys very frequently get TB from the poor working conditions – working in a dusty environment… I was trying to ruminate the aetiology of this one. Any suggestions from the floor?
A team of men in the Rural villages
A crowd gathered each time we stopped in the villages to find the study families – this group posed for a group photo. The children as usual were maximally curious to see their images afterwards – I wish I had a mobile printer!
Working up on the veranda
Working up on the veranda at the office is a pleasure – watching the local children playing and having a least a sliver of sun in the morning is worth the pounding of the generator above me