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2012-02 Janakpur: Week 5 in photos part 2

Part 2 of week 5 photos – Gallery Style. Enjoy!

2012-02 All nighters and Almost done

Post Script – Internet shut off at the hotel just as I was about to post this last night – and once again at the office just now – third time lucky…
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Very tired from working non-stop on calibration study and work for clients back in the UK in the evenings. Pulling an all nighter tonight finishing 12 videos for a client so relaxing and listening to one of my favorite Albums “Long gone before daylight” by the Cardigans. If we achieve what we’ve scheduled for the study today (It’s 3am with me and I’m going to be at the office at 7am) we’ll be at 95%… It really has been an exponential climb in difficulty these last few days and we’ve had to be as cunning and as ingenious as we can to get the children we need. The blood pressure has been up and down this week as I play child catcher trying desperately to get the last of the children.
The “1 million” people festival started today – I didnt see it first hand as I spent the most of the day on the back of a bike chasing down parents to consent. Apparently i was quite a sight with women balancing flower pots on their heads in processo toward the big Puja site (at least I think it’s a Puja site?) In Barhabiga. If i get a chance I’ll steal out with my camera so that I can catch some of the colour. The poles as I suspected transformed into Awnings for an arcade of shopping. This is as far as I’ve got with this mystery so we shall see what evolves over the coming days. I have a feeling things will heat up a bit more on the weekend (saturday) when everyone gets the day off.

Delan and I have in the course of our journeys been promoted to the status of local celebrities. Suzanne has recovered from her illness and is back to her old self making a romp through areas of the 6 page hotel menu that she hasnt explored yet – we were worried that she wouldnt make it (having been really quite unwell these past few days) but it’s great to hear of her enthusiasm for gustatory cravings and the re-newed delight in her perpetual room service orders.

In honour of the occasion the kitchen made a heart shaped Peas Pulao.

Heart shaped Peas Pullao
Heart shaped peas pullao in honour of Suzannes rise to wellness

Best wishes…will post some of the more interesting stories in the coming days once i’ve had a chance to rest up a bit.

2012-02 Janakpur Week 1 in Photos

Here’s a selection of images from my first week in Janakpur:

Classic Grammar in Janakpur
Classic Grammar in Janakpur – next to Rooftop Restaurant “The only Choice for Smart People”
Mesmerising Chanting at Jhanaki Temple
The main street running under Ramanand Chowk has a distinctly post-appocalyptic feel…
Rehearsing the script
Calibration Film – Sonali and Sushil rehearsing the script
Suzanne Commisioning Sheets
Suzanne has upgraded her hotel room with many home comforts including specially commissioned sheets!
Curious Hotels: Janakpur
Curious Hotels dot the road on the from the airport – this is one of the strangest!
Out for a stroll on Barhabiga: Janakpur
The vast open ground of Barhabiga is a great sight on way to work in the morning
Janakpur: The Centre of town’s always crowded with cyclists and motorbikes flying past
MIRA Spirometry
The Main follow up study has many components including Spirometry which is often a challenge to explain!
Janakpur Goat Fashion
The goats are often draped with coverings – to keep in the heat? Fashion? – you be the judge
Janakpur Traffic Jam
Probably my favorite photo of the week.
Didi - Janakpur
An elderly lady asked me to take her photo whilst I was waiting for Suzanne to buy her custom sheets.
Beard Twizzle at Jhanaki Temple
An enviable moustache!
Dal Bhat Bimla's Janakpur
Eating Dal Bhat (THE traditional Nepali Meal eaten by everyone before work each day) at Bimla’s house is a highlight of the morning at the office – a curious meal for Delan and Suzanne who are used to eating breakfast but perfect for people me who forgoes and is always hungry by 10 o’clock! (It’s a running joke that I always get seconds!).
Bimla waiting for us at her house.
Bimla waiting for us at her house