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2012-02 Janakpur: Week 5 in photos part 2

Part 2 of week 5 photos – Gallery Style. Enjoy!

2012-01 Missing photos

I promised photos yesterday but didn’t deliver because of an arbitrary problem with the internet. further serious issues with the internet – not sure what’s going on – but here are a few of the shots from this week in any case….

A white face is such a rarity here in Janakpur – I’m constantly followed by gangs of local kids
Mists in Janakpur
Fog closing down the near sight visions – people creep suspiciously through the mists
Long distance Rickshaw - Mahotari
Rickshaw cyclists travel for miles out to the sticks – one of the only forms of transport alongside oxcart and infrequent public buses
Buffalo Janakpur
One of the most prized possesions of the Janakpur family. They’re not cheap – weighing in at around £500 – which in Local terms is an absolute fortune.
A local farmer in the villages of Mahotari – the adjacent district to Janakpur (Dhanusha district)